Our culture, Our mission. Working together to achieve zero incidents worldwide

As leaders in the construction industry, dck worldwide is committed to safety as a core business value. It’s part of our corporate culture and our mission.  Together with each and every one of our clients, subcontractors, and others working on our sites, we’re working to achieve zero incidents worldwide.  dck believes it has a duty to provide a safe and healthful workplace for three fundamental reasons:  it is the right thing to do; it is our responsibility; and it is smart business.  Our primary objective is to prevent all injuries by providing and maintaining the safest possible working conditions for all of our employees and subcontractors. Sa​fety​

Sustainable, Diverse, Involved. We don’t just work in, we work for communities worldwide.

Sustainable. As a global company, we are keenly aware of how a single thing that’s accomplished in one part of the world affects not just the area around it, but other parts of the planet as well.With the construction of more than 8.3 million square feet of LEED certified facilities totaling more than $1.9 billion, dck has extensive experience in reducing building operations/facility costs and assisting in recommendations regarding material and systems selection, energy, and site issues as well as gathering and preparing the required documentation for LEED certification.

Diverse. We hire some of the world’s best talent. Just as the perfect mix in concrete gives it its remarkable strength, so does our mix of employees. At dck worldwide, diversity is more than just a word. It is a respectful and engaging environment, facilitating the highest productivity, quality, creativity, and innovation.This environment also helps enhance our ability to integrate with diverse cultures and work effectively with people on projects all over the world.

Involved.dck cares about the communities in which we work and live. From our headquarters in Pittsburgh to our regional offices in Honolulu, Phoenix, Ft. Lauderdale, and Irvine, and all the towns and cities where we have project offices, dck gets involved and takes part. We know our buildings will play a big part in the community, so we do, too. We have a long history of community involvement and outreach and do our best to help add to the wealth of every community—protecting the environment and helping the citizens of the community.

Global responsibility

  • Over 50 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified projects.
  • Diversity as a cornerstone, not just a policy.
  • C​harity for years all over the world
Quality, Value, Integrity. We are committed to Excellence.

At dck worldwide, we are much more than a global construction firm with a rich heritage; we have become valued consultants and trusted colleagues. Our clients recognize our passion to explore new and creative building solutions. They’ve come to rely on the innovative thinking and resolute spirit of our people to overcome even the toughest construction challenge. Long before ground is broken, we apply our construction knowledge and business sense to help determine the best ways to approach each construction initiative. From viability, to financial considerations, to value engineering, to resources and timing, we are there for our clients. Faced with highly-complex projects, we partner with our clients to challenge convention to get to better, creative solutions that will reduce construction complexity, simplify project management and ultimately contribute to healthier businesses for our customers.

Client accountability

  • New and Creative Building Solutions.
  • Innovative Thinking, Resolute Spirit.
  • Construction Experience, Business Sense.