What makes us different? We make a difference.

Building vibrant communities are much like building strong, lasting structures.  It takes people working together as a team striving to achieve a common goal, aspiring to make a difference.

dck worldwide is proud to bring our clients’ projects to life that enhance communities and enrich people’s lives.  To that end, we applaud and celebrate all of those that make our communities great places to work, live, play, and raise our families.

Our company and team members also make a difference through our various Building a Better Community programs discussed below…

Building Communities

stephen d'angelo with calistoga affordable housing president larry kromann

dck worldwide CEO Stephen D’Angelo with Calistoga Affordable Housing President Larry Kromann.



dck worldwide Building a Better Community Award

The dck worldwide Building a Better Community Award is designed to recognize an individual, civic group, or charitable organization that has played a significant role in changing lives and making the region a better place. We ask for nominations in order to recognize those who share our mission of building better communities by donating to a worthy charity or cause in the regions in which we work. We also present the winners with a plaque in honor of their community achievements.

stephen d'angelo with california affordable housingA recent recipient was Calistoga Affordable Housing in Napa Valley, CA. They are a community based volunteer organization that operates three distinct divisions of its mission; housing development, sustaining existing housing, and advocating for the various needs of Calistoga’s neighborhoods.

Other areas where we have the “Building a Better Community Award” are Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, and the US Virgin Islands. Read our news release to learn more about our Caribbean programs.

A recent quote

“Your award has given new energy to our community as we work together building stronger families who need and desire adequate housing.” – President, Calistoga Affordable Housing

Our Relief Programs

Tragically, our communities are often impacted by the unforeseen. In the fall of 2017, we saw communities and lives devastated by a series of natural disasters.  Parts of the Caribbean and United States were destroyed by a series of powerful hurricanes and Northern California was ravaged by wildfires.

caribbean relief effortsdck worldwide responded through donations to major relief organizations, such as the American Red Cross and regional crescent societies, Habitat for Humanity, and the Caribbean Tourism Recovery Fund.  We also matched the generous donations of our subcontractors to come to the aid of those hurt by the California wildfires. And we are proud of our team members that individually rolled-up their sleeves and pitched in whenever and wherever possible.

A recent quote

“On behalf of the people that represent the best of our region, we thank you for your generous donation to the Caribbean Tourism Recovery Fund.  Your support will help restore and give a much-needed boost to the Caribbean’s most powerful economic engine.” – CEO, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association

caribbean recovery with dck

Our Employees Give Back

Corporate donations certainly make a difference in times of need, but at the heart of our Building Better Community programs are the efforts of our team members.  Not only do they make personal donations, they volunteer their time and give of themselves to build better and brighter futures.

calistoga little league dck donationWhether it be in support of helping would-be major leaguers by rebuilding little league baseball fields, providing comfort and necessities for our elderly population, or making sure disadvantaged children can fulfill their life’s dreams, we encourage, support, and applaud our individual dck worldwide team members in their community involvement and aspirations for making a difference.

In addition to project employee contributions, each year, our corporate employees select a charitable organization to be the recipient of our Blue Jeans Friday fundraiser.  This year, it was decided that the Autism Society of Pittsburgh will benefit from the monies raised

A recent quote

“Thank you so much for your company’s generosity and support of our little town!”       – Calistoga Chamber of Commerce

“We appreciate your continued support towards our Community!” – Anguilla Lions Community

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