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dck worldwide Opens New Office to Support Global Procurement, BIM, and Virtual Design

Clients to benefit from advanced modeling and design technology and 24-hour support

Pittsburgh, PA, October 27, 2017– dck worldwide is pleased to announce the launch of its latest global initiative through the addition of a Philippines-based support team.  With an office located in Makati City, Manila, the team will provide support for dck worldwide’s client construction projects as well as its corporate operations with value-added services, including:

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design with Three- and Four-Dimensional Capabilities
  • Global Materials Procurement and Logistics
  • Technical Support

According to dck worldwide’s President, Stephen D’Angelo, the newly-formed group is aligned with the overall corporate strategy to solidify the company in its standing as a leading global building solutions partner. “I am excited about the possibilities and value this new group will bring to our organization and most importantly, to our clients.  Our new Manilla office and the expertise that it houses will enhance our ability to meet expanding worldwide client demands and delivery expectations.”

Mr. D’Angelo added that the Procurement team will further extend the company’s already extensive supplier base. With the acquisition of construction materials, FFE’s, and finishes (e.g. stone, tile, etc.) accounting for a significant portion of a project’s overall costs, dck worldwide’s enhanced procurement and logistics capabilities will introduce new processes and innovations that will generate additional cost savings and reduced production times for client projects.

Regarding Virtual Design, BIM, and animimation, the Manila team will support company overflow allowing for quicker design analysis and budgeting, further increasing the company’s client response capabilities.

For more information, contact dck worldwide at 412.384.1000 or 1.800.245.6577.