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Engineering Co-op Program

Pittsburgh, PA

The co-op program consists of three unstructured rotations in our construction operations. Each rotation, students choose to be placed in either our estimating department in our Corporate Headquarters in Pittsburgh, or venture to a project location to gain valuable experience in construction management. If you choose to work in estimating, you will be given a mentor and will learn to use estimating software and assist in value-engineering.

However, if you choose to travel, we will place you on a team at one of our project sites under a project engineer or project manager mentor. Experiences vary between rotations because different skills are learned at different points during a project’s lifetime. What stays consistent is dck’s inclusive culture that encourages co-op students to actively contribute to the project’s success through their individual knowledge and skills.


Job Title:
Job Location:
Pittsburgh, PA


  • Potential to work 40 hours per week
  • Paid positions
  • Expense stipend (for traveling co-ops)
  • Industry experience
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Mentor in your field
  • Possible future employment

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