North Coast Superaqueduct
  • Puerto Rico Aqueduct & Sewer Authority
  • Puerto Rico
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North Coast Superaqueduct

Project description
  • Client Puerto Rico Aqueduct & Sewer Authority
  • Services Provided general Construction
  • Location Puerto Rico
Hailed as one of the most significant Puerto Rico construction efforts, the North Coast Superaqueduct (NCS) project involved the design, construction, and operation of a water supply system that services one-third of the three million residents of Puerto Rico and is expected to meet the water supply needs of the north coast residents through 2050. Thames Water, a consortium partner in the project, provided process design and various technology elements and headed the operations of the plant for the five-year period. dck worldwide employees were responsible for the design, procurement, and construction of project. The main elements of the project included a 300-million-gallon raw water reservoir, a 100 million gallon per day (MGD) pumping station, a 100 MGD water treatment plant, and two 10-million-gallon storage tanks. The innovative project design located the treatment plant at an elevation of 328 feet above sea level, the highest point of the water supply system. This allows for the distribution of treated water by gravity flow, eliminating the need to construct additional pumping stations downstream of the treatment plant. Five miles of 72-inch underground concrete pipeline now connects the raw water reservoir with the water treatment plant. In addition, 40 miles of underground pipeline varying in sizes from 36-inches to 72-inches carries the treated water from the plant to the distribution systems in the various communities. Learn more about our Energy Solutions and projects focused on solar/energy.
Treatment Plant North
coast Superaqueduct
Treatment Plant North coast Superaqueduct
Tank Farm North Coast Superaqueduct aerial

Tank Farm North Coast Superaqueduct aerial.