PNC Park
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Pittsburgh, PA

PNC Park

Project description
  • Client Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Location Pittsburgh, PA
In 2001, dck worldwide completed the new 1,000,000 SF home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Part of the PNC Park construction design included seats closer to the playing field than in any other major-league ballpark, and it’s the only ballpark where the luxury seating is hung from the bottom of the upper deck. Part of the charm of the baseball park is the unobstructed view of the Pittsburgh skyline and the complementary design that reflects the surrounding bridges in the famed Golden Triangle of the downtown area. This project was under extremely tight deadlines from the start since the schedule dictated that the stadium had to be ready for the Pirates’ opening day in 2001. Exceptional communication and coordination of construction activities had a major impact on the success of this project. Learn more about our Entertainment Solutions and other entertainment projects.
PNC Park Pittsburgh Pirates
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" To construct a first-class baseball park in the time frame mentioned [24 months] could only be done with the expertise of the [dck] construction management team. In their role of design construction manager, they were able to satisfy the client's requests despite the difficulty of the bridging design-build proccess. "

Stephen N. Geenberg, VP
New Ballpark Development & Communications, Pittsburgh Pirates
PNC Park Main Gate Entrance

PNC Park Main Gate Entrance

Team leader:
Private: Chris C. Barbe, Global Executive Vice President and President of Southeast and Caribbean Division