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dck worldwide is a global commercial construction company dedicated to developing, managing, and building projects around the world.  For almost a century, major corporations, developers, and governments have trusted our creative building solutions to bring their blueprints to life.

You can see the results of our work in 125 countries across the globe. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we have regional offices in Honolulu, Hawaii; Phoenix, Arizona; Coral Gables, Florida; Manila, Philippines, and project offices around the world.

About Our Services

Our ability to offer a total building solutions package – from development to financing, pre-construction services and construction to management – removes risk and uncertainty for our clients, and results in a smooth, successful build every time.

As an indispensable partner, our team works with clients to develop extraordinary structures. Our work transforms landscapes, supports communities, and stands as lasting legacies for generations to come. With each project, our reputation for quality workmanship, safety, and construction excellence is a solid cornerstone.

Our vision

A worldwide market leader providing solutions to complex construction.

Vision Statement

Revolutionize our business by focusing on building solutions for our clients and changing markets.

We attract the best talent and provide the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop as leaders and entrepreneurs.

Matching proven solutions with the right people allows us to grow, create value, and distinguish ourselves from everyone in the industry.

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Knowledge, passion and innovative thinking make us valued project partners.

At dck worldwide, we are much more than a commercial construction contractor; we are valued consultants and trusted colleagues. Our clients and building partners recognize our passion to explore new and creative solutions that help them realize their vision.

Long before ground is broken, we apply our construction knowledge and business sense to understand the project purpose, goals and users, and determine how to approach it for the best possible outcome.

From financing to design-build relationships, to general contracting, pre-construction and construction program management, we offer a variety of project delivery methods and partnership models to meet client goals.

Our unique abilities to serve as strategic partner in development programming, project definition, capital solutions financing, technical innovation, pre-construction, phased budgeting and scheduling, and ultimately on-site construction minimizes risk, yields predictable results and ensures the success of every project.

Rising to the challenge with innovative thinking and a resolute spirit.

Over the years, the success of dck worldwide is the result of our ability to navigate the shifting tides in our industry through innovative thinking and a resolute spirit. It is our forward-thinking, never-back-down attitude that brings clients to us to overcome the toughest construction challenges and realize their vision.

When faced with highly complex projects, we are eager to rise to the occasion. We look beyond convention to uncover smarter solutions that streamline the commercial construction process and ultimately contribute to stronger, healthier, and better environments that are a source of pride for everyone.

Our reputation as a progressive construction contractor has led to many proud accomplishments.

Our innate skill in adapting to our environment has made dck worldwide a leading construction contractor in remote regions such as Hawaii and the Caribbean islands where building is logistically challenging and can be hindered by climate, soil conditions, and procurement of materials and labor.

Doing what’s possible to support communities and protect the world we share.

dck worldwide is proud to be involved in bringing projects to life that enhance communities and enrich people’s lives. We realize that we have an important role in ensuring that every development is safe, sustainable, and respects the environment.

With that in mind, we search for ways to minimize our environmental footprint by creating buildings that are more than bricks and mortar – they are building blocks for a sustainable future. We’ve constructed more than 8.3 million square feet of LEED certified projects to reduce the impact on human health and the environment.

We know our buildings play a big part in the community, so we do, too. dck worldwide has a long history of community involvement and outreach.  All our people in every regional office or project location get involved to support the community where they work and play.



Our Values

  • Ingenuity through Sophisticated Technology
  • Highest Quality with the Highest Safety
  • Creative yet Efficient Projects
  • Proactive, Responsive Communication
  • Client Trust and Cooperation
  • Solutions to Overcome any Challenge
  • A Successful History, a Bold Future
  • Collaborative Approach for the Best Solutions
  • Strong Relationships with Partners
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