Allegheny County Jail
  • County of Allegheny
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Construction management

Allegheny County Jail

Project description
  • Client County of Allegheny
  • Services Provided Construction management
  • Location Pittsburgh, PA
The decision was made to replace the antiquated Allegheny County Jail, built in the late 1800’s, with a larger, more efficient facility that offered more security and humane conditions. Located in the inner city, this high-rise facility is one of the largest buildings in the downtown Pittsburgh area. Employees of dck worldwide provided jail construction management services and oversaw all phases of the largest component of the Public Safety Complex. Designed in stepped heights, the 850,000 square-foot structure ranges from four to eight stories and contains 1,800 cells. The building exterior is of brick and glass curtainwall. Each floor contains six housing zones that are double tiered. Each zone can accommodate up to 84 inmates in 56 cells with its own outdoor recreation area. dck worldwide employees reviewed the site conditions, the structure size and the time constrictions affecting the jail construction. The unit style of cell construction frequently chosen for campus-like prison layouts could not be used in this facility. Instead, a room-tunnel form system was proposed by dck worldwide employees as the least expensive and quickest construction method for the cells. This is a cast-in-place cell design that allows eight cells a day to be poured in each zone. Time savings for the 1,800 cells was considerable. Reusable, reinforced room tunnel forms, rather than conventional load-bearing masonry walls, provided not only time and cost savings, but also added security due to masonry joints and grout voids elimination. Day rooms were built using precast construction. The building exterior is of brick and glass curtain wall. The jail is one of the most efficient facilities in the nation, providing maximum out-of-cell opportunities for inmates. At the same time, centralization of educational, religious, vocational, medical, and other services minimizes escorted inmate movement and increases security. Learn more about our Justice Solutions and other jail construction projects.
Allegheny County Jail Pittsburgh
Exterior Main Entrance
Allegheny County Jail Pittsburgh Exterior Main Entrance
Allegheny County Jail Main Entrance

Allegheny County Jail Main Entrance.

Team leader:
Rod McLaughlin,