Aloft Hotel
  • Triyar Hospitality
  • Tempe, AZ
  • general Construction, Construction management

Aloft Hotel

Project description
  • Client Triyar Hospitality
  • Services Provided general Construction, Construction management
  • Location Tempe, AZ
A hotel should have a welcoming look, and that’s exactly what we accomplished in this gleaming, modern structure. The hotel construction and precast plan features 68,243-square-feet, five stories and 136 guest rooms. Hotel amenities included a pool, exercise room, bar/lounge, boardroom and offices. Learn more about our Hospitality Solutions and other projects in the hospitality industry.
Aloft Hotel Tempe common area interior
Aloft Hotel Tempe common area interior
Aloft pool table

Aloft pool table.

Team leader:
Private: Gene Budler,