Pittsburgh Zoo Aquarium
  • Pittsburgh Zoological Society
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Construction management, general Construction

Pittsburgh Zoo Aquarium

Project description
  • Client Pittsburgh Zoological Society
  • Services Provided Construction management, general Construction
  • Location Pittsburgh, PA
Work on the renovation and expansion of the Pittsburgh Zoo Aquarium began with the construction of the 3,200 square foot quarantine building. The building, with a masonry facade and eight-inch precast concrete roof, was designed to become an integral part of the new 37,000-square-foot aquarium, serving as the headquarters for food preparation and laboratory activities. During aquarium construction, the quarantine building housed some of the marine life until the new aquarium was completed. With all the marine life relocated, work began on the existing aquarium. The roof was removed and the interior gutted, leaving only the exterior walls for construction to begin. The new structure features an array of exhibits, including new homes for the sharks, tropical fish and penguins. The largest exhibit is the sharks, a 120,000-gallon ocean tank, affording visitors a view by either the balcony or an acrylic glass wall. The tropical exhibit consists of a 50,000-gallon habitat pool. Both exhibits are poured in place concrete. The glass wall for the shark tank was lowered through an opening in the roof by a crane and required precise tolerances to ensure that the tank was watertight. All the exhibits underwent an extensive testing period before the marine life was moved into the new aquarium. In addition, the aquarium construction included installing state-of-the-art life support and life safety systems affecting the purification, recirculation and removal of the water in all the exhibits. Learn more about our Entertainment Solutions and other entertainment projects.
Pittsburgh Zoo Aquarium
- kids at shark tank
Pittsburgh Zoo Aquarium - kids at shark tank
Pittsburgh Zoo Aquarium interior dolphin

Pittsburgh Zoo Aquarium interior dolphin

Team leader:
Private: Chris C. Barbe, Global Executive Vice President and President of Southeast and Caribbean Division